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Five G Solutions provides the best in class of Internet of Things, CyberSecurity, and Expert Systems / Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Construction Company was hacked. I almost lost my job as the firms accounting administrator. The Five G Solutions team salvaged our Sage50 accounting. We were up again in two hours, with purchasing and payroll restored. I made the payroll run, and we recovered from the Ransom Virus.

Maria G, Carson City, Nevada

TeleCommunting Solution

As an apartment manager in Rural Mineral County, Nevada, we are challenged with a lack of telecommunications. ATT and Charter Internet products are not available. Choice Internet fixed wireless connection would not work at our location, and support was limited to one day a week, if the single support provider was not available. We waited two weeks for a service call. With the best speeds available from fixed wireless of 2Mbps download, it would not work for distance learning. We ordered the Network in a Box Product, it arrived in two days by UPS, and it was a quick install.

After booting, it was running at 22Mbps download, and 15Mbps upload. Not stellar speed, but the best available at Walker Lake in Nevada.

Property Manager at Walker Lake