A Digital transformation in any organization needs an intelligent edge foundational technology to extend capabilities of the explosion of devices and exceed end-user expectations. Future mobility solutions build to scale, reliability, and security is critical to surpass the compeitition.

5G networking solutions is more than media hype. 5G is much more than upscaled 4G. The premise is focused on Rural America, to narrow the Digital Divide, and provide workable connectivity and accessibility. The goal is to provide Distance Learning and Telemedicine for all Rural America with performance and realiabity of wired connectivity.

5G has been discussed in nebulous terms for years, framed by what are still future-oriented use cases, such as advanced, real-time IoT applications like autonomous cars and AI.

5GSolutions.ORG offers 5G Technology to solve difficult to solve connection and telecommunication problems:

For Urban Users, there are wired cost effective solutions waiting for you. For Rural America, we have communication solutions available today. For those users without dial-up, DSL, cable, or fiber available, we have a solution available today for 99% of rural America. We are not fixed broadband such as Hughes or Choice, offering 2Mbps for Rural America.

With 5G solutions, we offer upto 40Mbps Symmetrical Service. This is faster upload and download speeds, reduced elimination of lag/latency allows Rural America to access Distance Learning and TeleMedicine.

The hype around 5G is the technology and not the application extension as provided by the 5GSolutions.ORG offering: Broadband Connectivity to Support Distance Learning and TeleMedicine. Our solution is developed for wireless 5G connectivity for Distance Learning and TeleMedicine.

Realistically, 5G Technology is a marketing tool for the Mobile Industry. ATT and Verizon promote 5G Wirless Technology. There phone sets may support 5G, and one of the firms will boast to having the most towers 5G capable, but these same providers do not have fiber between towers.

Today the business may have fiber, DSL or cable modem hardwire to connect facility to the Internet. In addition, there may be a hot spot for backup connectivity. We have worked with firms that do not have wireline service available: no fiber, DSL, or cable Internet. For those Rural America firms, we are installing 5G Connectivity Solutions, offering upto 42Mbps upload and download.

Waiting for StarLink? 5G Solutions is the perfect short term solution for Rural America. When StarLink is installed, 5GSolutions becomes the backup. Until then, it is the primay access channel for Rural America.

5G Solutions
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